MSN adCenter bulk Management Upgrade

Just got this email from MSN:

This weekend, Microsoft adCenter will upgrade with new features that make it easier to bulk manage your budgets and bulk submit ad groups. During this upgrade, your ads and keywords will remain live and continue to run as normal.

New bulk management features

  • bulk manage budgets. Now you can update multiple campaign budgets simultaneously.
  • bulk submit ad groups in Draft status. When importing campaigns, submit your ad groups at once to go live.

This is good news, I like the thought of shortening the amount of time I spend in adCenter being frustrated. My account rep has been on vacation this week, which was even more frustrating. For the record he is awesome and I do not hold any adCenter short comings against him personally.

Currently working in adCenter is almost as pleasant as walking into a brick wall repeatedly. The conversion rates that I see from MSN are why I even bother coming back. I know that if I plan to work on an adCenter account that I must meditate and become one with my Chi. I also accept the fact that twenty minutes into working in adCenter I will begin to sound like Yo Sammity Sam.

So hoo-ray! Now if they could just figure out how to get more traffic. Maybe a free toaster oven for every unique visitor that does a search?

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