School Fundraising Web 2.0 Style

This week my oldest child came home with the yearly school fund raising packet. You know the little catalogs with all kinds of things you can buy, over priced candles and coffee mugs with cat pictures on them. The catalogs are pretty much the same every year.

One huge difference this year though is online purchase capabilities. That’s right, far away family and friends are no longer safe from the guilt and pressure of children trying to sell and win prizes.
This also makes the selling process much easier on the parents. No more stalking co-workers when it’s time to collect money for the promised purchases. No more having to ask people in person to buy stuff from my child, just a simple short email with no pressure involved. You can spam your entire email address book in one quick swoop. The internet once again brings people closer together and also allows us to annoy masses all at one time.

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