Google Sleight of Hand?

One of the keys to a great magic trick is a quick sleight of hand while the on looking audience is distracted. Has everyone been watching Google’s right hand when we should have been watching the left?

On August 21st Google posted “Quality Score Improvements” on the Inside AdWords.

We all noticed that last week Google finally put Google Suggest on

Then Google releases its own browser Google Chrome this week.

Ok follow me here, they change the way AdWords keywords perform, then quickly begin to change and herd guide people’s search habits. All this happens around the last week of the last summer month before school starts. Then the first week of September when traffic really starts to pick back up for most ecommerce sites they release Chrome which gets all the attention and talk.

Still with me here? Now paid search is like the front line so I see traffic trend changes very quickly. I have noticed some very dramatic changes over the last two weeks due to the change in quality scoring and Google Suggest. Terms that I had stopped bidding on due to low impressions are now outperforming the terms that use to be the sweet spots.

There was some attention given to the changes in Quality Scoring and Google Suggest here and there but not once Chrome was released. Google has everyone so wrapped up in the release that not many have really seen the changes in traffic and keyword trends.

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